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We are both novice wine drinkers, still taking our first steps in the big world of wine, but we are already utterly fascinated by the possibilities of this one single drink with so much history and varieties. We simply enjoy wine and wine tourism, especially in the Czech Republic, and we thought a blog would give us a great excuse to drink fine wines and travel even more. The goal of this website is to merely document our experience and share our little wine adventures. (And to hopefully inspire others to explore the – so far rather hidden – land of Czech wines.)

This blog is made by Michaela and Menno, multinational girlfriend-boyfriend duo. Michaela is originally from the Czech Republic and works as a translator and writer, while Menno is a tech-entrepreneur from the Netherlands, where both of us are currently living. All texts and photographs on this website were created by us.

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  1. Hello,
    We are going to be in Prague this May. Are there wineries we can visit in the country please? Ideally we could stay in an area to try a few wineries.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    In Prague itself there aren’t many wineries. You can visit the Prague botanical gardens (http://czechwineadventures.com/2015/09/wines-from-the-prague-botanical-garden/) or the Grébovka vineyards (http://www.prague.eu/en/object/food/2560/the-grebovka-vineyard).

    Most wineries are in the south of the Czech Republic (Moravia). I would recommend to either stay in a place like Velké Bilovice (where there are always several wineries open) or Valtice, where you’ve got the Salon of wine and several other cellars.
    Perhaps these posts will help:

    A bit closer to Prague, around Mělník, there are also several winemakers.

    Have a great trip!

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