A visit to Pavlov, the home of the winemakers (as seen on TV)

Most Czech people will know Pavlov as the the town of the TV-series “Vinaři” (Translated: Winemakers). For everybody else: Pavlov is a small winemakers town on the Pálava hill. We decided to go look what this famous town is like off-screen and of course to see if the local wines are any good 😉

The first thing you have to know about Pavlov is that it’s located on the foot of the Pálava hill. This is great for growing wines, but less great for walking around. You will have to walk up and down the steep hill quite often during your visit. Pavlov itself is small and cute, but for people that don’t know the TV-series it might not have a lot of interesting sights. If you do know the TV-series you will have several “Oooh, that’s where he lives!” moments. Perhaps we should have climbed Pálava to visit the Castle ruins and enjoy the view, but we didn’t, there are no wine cellars up there… 😉

So after our walk (or shall we say climb) around we decided it was time for wine. We thought a good way to get started and learn about the different wineries in the Pálava region is to visit the Pálavská galerie vín. Here they’ve also, successfully, copied the concept of the Salon of wines. You can taste about 60 different wines, all from the small Pálava region. Because all wines there are grown in the same small area, it gave us a unique opportunity to really compare how different winemakers create their wines. It’s amazing to taste the differences in wines from the same grape from the same region. Sometimes they have subtle differences, sometimes you won’t even believe it’s the same grape. This is why we love wine-tasting!

The next day we first visited the Pavlov Archaeological Park. The Pálava area isn’t just great for growing wines, it’s also an area with many interesting archaeological finds. If you’re not that interested in bones and old pottery just visit the museum for the (impressive) architecture. On your climb back up hill you will definitely pass several wine cellars, which are spread out throughout the whole village. The bigger winemakers (like vinařství Paulus and vinařství Reisten) also have open cellars during the day, so visiting them was a good afternoon break. During the evening also smaller winemakers opened up the cellars. We just walked down a few streets and stopped at a few randomly selected winemakers. We ended up at vinařství Antoš, sitting in front of his cellar in the late evening sun, drinking great wines, looking down over Pavlov. We couldn’t imagine any better way to end our trip.

Here are the wines we really liked:

  • Pálava, 2016, Vican
  • Ryzlink vlašský, 2015, Vinařství Drmola
  • Irsai Oliver, 2016, Vinařství Šilinek Jiří
  • Tramín červený, 2016, Víno Lípa
  • Veltlínské zelené, 2015,  Vinařství Paulus
  • Pálava, 2015, Vinařství Antoš
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