Entrée: Enter the garden of culinary joy

If you are at all interested in the Czech food scene, you have most likely already heard of Entrée. Although it is still very new, this restaurant has already become the “it” place for national and international food lovers, who don’t hesitate to endure the 2 hours long train ride from Prague (or even 12 hours in a car – like us) just to visit it.

Why all the fuss? Entrée restaurant in Olomouc is vibrant, young, fresh and just overall “cool”. Please don’t mistaken it for a pretentious hipster place, though. The Entrée hype is well deserved. The restaurant’s original menu, as well as its dazzling interior and forward-thinking attitude demand attention. And so even though this blog usually focuses on wine, Entrée has earned its spot – not only because it serves good wine, but because I think we can all agree that good wine and good food go hand in hand.

An oasis hidden inside a casino

We had heard very positive things about Entrée and so when the time came to plan our annual trip to the Czech Republic, we knew we couldn´t miss Olomouc (which also happens to be a beautiful city).

Just entering the restaurant was a memorable experience in itself. Although Entrée’s address was easy to find, the entrance to the restaurant was not. Because Entrée shares the building with a modern casino and does not have a separate entrance, we had to be guided by the casino personnel. This personal escort made us feel slightly VIP; not to mention that walking past slot machines and blackjack tables inside a dark casino and then suddenly emerging into the open, garden-like space of Entrée felt almost like crossing into another dimension and finding a hidden oasis full of food.


Whatever you do, order the carrot soup!

The food. Oh yes, that was rather delicious. We ordered the largest tasting menu the restaurant offered at the time and it was certainly a good choice. I will not walk you through all the courses, because Entrée’s menu is constantly developing and also because I myself don’t like knowing exactly what will appear on the plate in front of me. Let me just mention the absolutely fabulous carrot soup – hands down the best soup I have ever had – and the horseradish ice-cream sprayed with gin which was served as a pre-dessert.

If you are not the one to enjoy tasting menus, no worries. Entrée has something for everyone with their interesting menu divided into four main themes: The Garden, The Water, The Land and Share, among which you can mix and match. The restaurant’s wine card is also quite impressive and offers a wide range of awesome wines from the Czech Republic (and elsewhere, of course). The only thing I was missing was a matching wine menu to go with the tasting menu, but I dare to say this option will come to Entrée soon enough and even without this option, we enjoyed the dinner tremendously. (We went for a bottle of Pálava by winery Volařík from Mikulov and it worked just fine.)

Come into the kitchen!

I’m not done with singing praises just yet. Besides the excellent food and design of the restaurant, Entrée stands out thanks to its open and relaxed atmosphere. Not only that the kitchen is open, which is quite normal these days, but the staff literally encourages its guests to visit the kitchen and talk to the cooks and the chef, who was also serving at least one dish at every table, so he could talk to each customer. All in all, we loved Entrée and we predict a very bright future for this young and hip establishment.



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