Our visit to the 2016 Wine Salon

As the new top 100 for 2017 is being picked these days, we are thinking about our latest visit to the Wine Salon, a great place to get acquainted with the Moravian and Czech wine scene.

The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is a collection of the 100 best Moravian and Czech wines for the given year. This entire collection can be found and tasted (!) in a big wine cellar in Valtice. Every year, hundreds of candidates enter the competition and a new selection of the best 100 wines is chosen to be displayed in the Wine Salon. Last year we visited the Wine Salon for the first time (Read about our previous experience in the post: “The 100 best Czech wines in 1 room“.) and we just couldn’t miss out on trying the 2016 collection this summer.

The Wine Salon has a great concept. It allows you to taste all the wines that are on display nearly any day of the year. This time we had 1,5 hours to get trough the 100 presented wines. As if that wasn’t enough, the Wine Salon decided to make our visit even more challenging by adding extra wines this year. Besides the regular top one hundred, there were two extra expositions: the Winery of the year exposition, including all nominees for this prestigious award, and a special rosé exposition. Tasting all wines in such a short time is of course impossible – at least for us -, and so we had to skip about half of the wines.

All wines are available for tasting.
All wines are available for tasting.

We still had a lot of fun. It was nice to see that the selection of winemakers was quite different from last year and that the 2016 “top 100” also included some smaller wineries. After the tasting, visitors can grab a basket and go on a little shopping spree around the Wine Salon. Unfortunately, when we were walking around with our basket, we realized that many people shared our opinion on which wines were the best, and our three most favourite wines were therefore not for sale anymore. However, with more than 100 great wines for sale, good alternatives were easy to find. Here is our final selection, including those we sadly couldn’t take home with us:

no 17. Rulandské bílé barrique, 2013, Štěpán Maňák

no 21. Chardonnay, 2013, Templářské sklepy Čejkovice

no 46. Pálava, 2014, Vinařství Líbal

no 49. Tramín Červený, 2011, Petr Bíza

no. 56 Ryzlink vlašský 2013, Štěpán Maňák

no 57. Pálava, 2014, Vinum Moravicum

no 94. Lokus Červený, 2013, J. Stávek

From the nine wines in the Winemaker of the year selection our favourite was:

Děvín, 2015, Štěpán Maňák

(The numbers are random numbers under which the wines are displayed in the Wine Salon, they do not refer to their overall score in the competition.)


So with great spirits and a box of great wines we said goodbye to the salon. We’ll be back next year!

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