The best Czech winery of the year 2015

Two weeks ago the winners of ‘Winery of the Year’ awards were announced. The award for the best Czech winery of the year 2015 (Vinařství roku) went to Zámecké vinařství Bzenec, which ended up being the overall winner of the competition, as well as of the public vote.

‘Vinařství roku‘ (Winery of the Year) is an annual competition that awards Czech wineries not only based on the quality of their wines, but also based on their general contribution to the Czech wine industry. Wineries compete in several categories: Small Winery, Middle-sized Winery and a Large Winery. There is also the Public Vote winner and the overall winner.

The awards for the year 2015 went to the following winemakers and companies:

The Winery of the Year (overall winner):  Zámecké vinařství Bzenec

The Public Vote winner: Zámecké vinařství Bzenec

Winner of the category Large Winery:  Zámecké vinařství Bzenec

Winner of the category Middle-sized Winery: Sonberk

Winner of the category Small Winery: Víno J. Stávek

The big winner: Bzenec

Because we have drank only one or two wines from Zámecké vinařství Bzenec, there is only so much we can tell you about this chateau-based wine-making company from Bzenec in Moravia. It is a winery with quite a long history. In fact, the very first sparkling Czech or Moravian wine was made here in 1876. The wines from Zámecké vinařství Bzenec (in translation Chateau Winery Bzenec) are stored in hand-crafted barrels under the local chateau and you can regularly find them in the top 100 Czech wines represented in the Salon of Wine (Salón vín). As this is a rather big company, Bzenec wines are not difficult to come by, so feel free to look for it even in larger supermarkets.

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