One day at VÍNO HRUŠKA – “Wine that tastes good”

During most of our wine trips we focus on the small and generally not well-known winemakers and brands, so a few months ago we decided it was time to also test some of the bigger names in the Moravian wine business. With more than twenty wine bars and wine shops all over the Czech Republic, VÍNO HRUŠKA seemed to be an appropriate candidate. Given that this winemaking company runs several pensions and is one of the few that actually have a proper English website, we decided to give them a shot and booked a night in a VÍNO HRUŠKA pension, which happens to be in the company’s “headquarters” in a tiny village called Blatnička, located among their vineyards.


The pension in Blatnička is very nice and very peaceful… Perhaps a bit too peaceful. If you are hoping to visit some tourist sights while staying at this VÍNO HRUŠKA pension, bad luck, there isn’t much to do… except for visiting the vineyards and drinking the local wines, of course. The brand new (and very comfortable) pension comes with a wine shop and a wine bar, where you can taste the local wines. The vineyards are located within walking distance of the pension and a lookout terrace will offer you a beautiful view of the vineyards. But that’s it, really. Nothing else to see around here.

vineyards VÍNO HRUŠKA
vineyards VÍNO HRUŠKA

However, we didn’t drive all the way to Blatnička to look at things. We came there to taste! So after our little walk, we claimed the best spot in the wine bar, ordered a bunch of wines and snacked on home-made pâté, good cheese and other local delicacies, which resulted in a very satisfying evening.

The wines do taste good, but …

So, how about the wines? After all, the company’s very creative slogan is “Wine that tastes good”. Does it really? Yes. However… while some Moravian winemakers create  bold flavourful wines, we felt that VÍNO HRUŠKA was aiming for something different. The wines were really good. Actually, we didn’t find any flaws in them. However, they sometimes lacked the fun and interesting flavours other Moravian winemakers go for. Over all, the wines from VÍNO HRUŠKA were very enjoyable and flawless, but perhaps because of this, they were also not very memorable.


VÍNO HRUŠKA in Blatnička is definitely worth a visit. The friendly staff will instantly make you feel at home, the environment might not be busy or filled with sights, but it is certainly charming. And if you get bored, the garden terrace of the wine bar has bunnies you can play with! It’s entertaining to watch them run around while you enjoy your glass of Cabernet Moravia (we really liked this one), but it’s even more fun to watch your friends or the staff trying to catch the bunnies to put them back in their cage.

More information is available (in English!) at their website:

Wines from VÍNO HRUŠKA:

Vino Hruska Cabernet Moravia 2013Cabernet Moravia (Barrique) 2013
The Cabernet Moravia (2013) was our favorite wine from VÍNO HRUŠKA. Fruity, intense, strong red wine.

Tip: Buy some of their chili-wine spreads. That stuff is amazing.


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