Drink Chateau Lednice and get lost in labyrinths of Valtice underground

After surviving our first night in Valtice (read our post about that), we walked around the town and stumbled upon an open door hiding stairs leading deep underground. And because there were empty wine bottles next to the door, we of course had to investigate. Without realising it, we found the legendary large cellars now known as Valtické podzemí (Valtice underground), a home to one of the best wineries: Chateau Lednice (Vinařství Lednice).

900 meters of wine cellars

Valtické podzemí is actually not just one cellar, but a labyrinth of connected wine cellars with an overall length of about 900 meters. Most of this labyrinth is located 6 to 12 meters under the surface of Valtice. It is proven that the cellars date to 1270, but it is possible they are actually even older. They were built as a part of a monastery, which was destroyed in the 16th century. The cellars weren’t always used for the godly purposes of storing wine, but also for storing food. After being restored by the Chateau Lednice winery, the Cellars reopened in 2008.


At the entrance to the cellars stands a wine bar, where you can get yourself a glass of wine and take it with you while you get lost in the labyrinth. The unique location of Valtické podzemí is surely one of the reasons why it was voted as the best Czech wine destination in 2013 and 2014. However, the great wines that are served there had definitely also something to do with it.

The Chateau Lednice winery is a family owned business founded in 2006, but more importantly they make spectacular wines. Their whites, for example, are well balanced, while still maintaining strong unique grape characteristics. If you have trouble picking which wine to try, don’t worry! Their is always a sommelier available at Valtické podzemí to help you in a friendly down-to-earth way. The fact that the sommelier immediately recognised us when we walked down the same stairs a year later, is a perfect example of the welcoming and personal atmosphere.

Chateau Lednice Wines

As mentioned, Chateau Lednice creates some amazing wines. They also have the guts to try out new rare grapes. The 2013 Hibernal is a great example of a wine that still has the unique floral grape characteristics, but is also very accessible and balanced. If you like sweet whites, you should also try the 2013 Tramín Červený. As for the reds: the 2013 Sevar is bold and fruity with a hint of blackberries. This is just first the year they made the Sevar, and already it can easily compete with other great wines. I can’t wait to try the next year.

For more information about Valtické podzemí visit: www.valtickepodzemi.cz

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