International awards for Czech wine

If it comes to the  universal world of wines, Czech wine is still rather rare and generally not very well-known, but that doesn´t mean it doesn´t belong to the top league. Czech wine is continuously scoring high in international wine competitions and it´s gaining more and more respect. To prove that, let´s list just a few of the recent international accomplishments of Czech wines.

76 medals from San Francisco

The San Francisco International Wine Competition titles itself “the largest, most influential international wine competition in America”. At its 35th year in June 2015, Czech and Moravian wines won in total 76 medals and clearly showed that they can compete with the other 4900 wines entering the competition. Not only compete, they can be on the very top – wine Pálava, vintage 2014 made by Vinice-Hnanice received Double Gold medal, putting itself among the top 5% of all of the competing wines.  (And I´d like to point out that this – obviously a great – wine costs only about €7.)

In the top 1%

Czech winemakers also made us proud at the VinAgora international wine competition, taking place in June 2015 in Budapest, where they won 1 Great Gold medal (for Tramín červený 2010 ledové víno made by Znovín Znojmo), 7 golden medals and 4 silver medals. In this case, less than 1% of all entering wines leave with a Great Gold medal, so there must be something about this whole Czech wine hoopla.

Big big wines in a big, big world

And finally, the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards, claimed to be the world´s largest and most influential wine competition, where over 16,000 different wines are judged, also ended with success for wines representing the Czech Republic. We can´t brag with any golden medals this time, but 2 silver medals, 18 bronze medals and 29 commended wines is surely still a victory, considering the tough competition.

So even though Czech wine could be symbolized by a tiny village on the global map of wines, these achievements and all the other international successes of Czech wine (yes, there are too many to list here right now) certainly show that it belongs to the far far away kingdom of great wines and it has the potential to sit on its throne one day.

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