450 wine cellars in a row

Nechory is a place, where only wine lives – literally. This small village is formed by more than 450 buildings, but only one of them is a house with official inhabitants. The rest 450 of the buildings in this charming place are wine cellars, used for making, storing and drinking local wines.

Wine instead of church

You can find Nechory about 1 kilometer away from a town called Prušánky, which it belongs to. Original wine cellars belonging to Prušánky used to be located directly next to the town near a road leading to a church. However, many people would stop by these cellars on their way to the Sunday service and never make it to the church, so at the end of the 18th century the local dominion owners decided to knock down the original cellars and had new ones built slightly further away from the town. (To be sure, they also built a new church directly in the center of Prušánky.)

Tiny village, big wines

By the year 1870, there were already 130 cellars. Today, there are more than 450 of them. Some of them include small pensions (B&B´s) or wine bars. As you´d expect from a village formed by only wine making facilities, Nechory is a home to a number of winemakers. We´ve already wrote about Milan Vašíček, whose family also represents the only official residents of Nechory. Among others, we can also mention Rodinné vinařství Košut, family company producing great wines popular among general public and wine experts.

Cottages filled with wine

Nechory almost looks like any other Czech village. If you didn´t know any better, you´d probably assume that local people just prefer small houses as the majority of buildings here simply look like residential cottages. But if you catch a glimpse of the inside of any of them, you´ll know that even though they might contain a small bedroom and a sitting area, they house wines, not people.

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